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About Nic Nac...

Nic Nac Theatre Company are Jane Gallenca and Annaliese Szota, who 

formed in spirit in 2020 and on paper in 2022.

With backgrounds in movement, music, acting and composing, They were united in their desire to tell stories that matter with a focus on their hometowns located in the Shoalhaven Region.

In 2023, Nic Nac Theatre Company staged their debut production 'The Tipping Point' which was funded by a Create NSW grant and tackled a youth perspective on Climate Change. 


You can catch Nic Nac at the Open Field Contemporary Arts Festival to be held during June in Berry 2023. Their involvement will see the NicNac-ers perform in an interactive and immersive experience enveloping recycling, human connection and creative play. 

The Players

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